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New Lower Prices For Tuscan Leveling System Announced

P673As large format tiles become more popular, the need for a leveling system becomes more apparent. In order to give your clients, or yourself, the best looking installation with no lippage, leveling systems from companies like Pearl, QEP or Rubi Tools are almost a requirement.

Today we are proud to announce that we are able to bring our customers more competitive prices on The Tuscan Leveling System.

With a major decrease in pricing, working a leveling system into your job should be a no brainer. Avoid stubbed toes and complete a project that you or your clients will be happy to look at for years to come.

You can find the full line of Tuscan products HERE and be sure to check out our kits which include a FREE installation tool. All Tuscan products include FREE Ground shipping.

Dewalt D24000S Inventory Sale!

Were you thinking about picking up the Dewalt D24000S? Well there is no better time than right now. We have dropped the price to $750 which includes FREE shipping and a stand!

The only catch? We only have 10 in stock.

Jump on this deal to take advantage of it at StoneTooling.com!

Dealing With Mold In Your Grout

Removing mold from grout has always been a tough issue to tackle. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff but mold removal can be more complicated than it seems. We threw this question out to the community over at the John Bridge forum and this is what the experts had to say:

John Koessler at Koessler Enterprises wrote:

Mold is a tough topic to address. I learned in a seminar a while back to refer to it as BOG (Biological Organic Growth). There is no set solution. Some is established on the surface, such as perimeter caulk joints, caused by entrapment of soap or shampoo residual. Other can be subsurface, such as appearing on the surface of the grout, but actually starting on the paper surface of wet drywall, thus it’s constant reappearance after cleaning.

Lastly, the worst case scenario, I will call internal. One example is when extreme moisture is present in a wall cavity, and various types of mold are growing (some of which is toxic and can severely affect the health of sensitive individuals).

This is when a mold remediation team must be sent in. If contractors uncover this type of situation, it is their duty to notify the homeowner of the situation, and hire a mold remediation team. It will be the contractors liability if he doesn’t take the appropriate action.

The scenarios that I have described above are why there is no simple solution. While they vary from mild to extreme, IMHO, they really require an on site visit to determine the cause of the growth to give accurate advise on possible remedies.

This thread can be viewed HERE and we will continue to post more responses as they come in.