How To: Terrazzo Restoration

We came across this post on the John Bridge forums that describes, step by step, how to restore terrazzo. Malcom, who posts industry advice on his own blog, Mosaic Musings, which is a good read for anyone who is either in the stone business for their self or is looking to polish up their skills (no pun intended).

This How To is about terrazzo restoration. Comprised of cement and marble chips, Terrazzo is by far the most durable long lasting flooring around. Used ubiquitously throughout the earlier half of the 1900’s especially on institutional projects, terrazzo fell out of favor due to its high first costs (long run costs suggest it is least expensive – but we live in a short term society so its value is lost on us), as well as its schedule intensive process (not good for quick building). Call it a slow food architectural finish. Worth the wait. Continue reading