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We Test The StoneTech Professional Honing, Shining, And Polishing Powders

We take a piece of polished marble and remove the polish with the StoneTech Professional Honing Powders. We go up through the grits until we reach a matte finish then attempt to bring the polish back with the Polishing and Shining Powders.

Bonanza Trade & Supply Demos StoneTech Glosses And Enhancers

In this video, we demo StoneTech’s Lacquer, Enhancer, Enhancer Pro, Semi Gloss and High Gloss.

We demo Dupont's StoneTech products

Many homeowners are unaware that stone surfaces in their home needs to be sealed at least once a year to keep it looking clean and vibrant. Recently, Dupont’s StoneTech line has been a huge hit with homeowners across the nation.

This week, we took the time to show the difference between sealed and unsealed material and exactly how to apply it. This video demonstrates the StoneTech Enhancer Pro, Impregnator Pro and BulletProof sealers on granite, limestone and polished limestone.