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How can I tell if my granite needs to be sealed?

A very basic question that surely every fabricator knows the answer to but is asked a lot by homeowners. The best way to determine if your granite counter tops should be sealed is by sprinkling a bit of water on to the surface of the stone and observe what happens. If the stone absorbs the water, than you should start looking into sealers. If the water beads up (as shown in the image) than the stone is not absorbing the water and your sealer is fine for the time being.

Water Beading On Granite

Some of the more popular manufactures of sealer include Miracle Sealants, Aqua Mix, and Dupont’s StoneTech Professional.

How Often Should I Seal My Stone?

A very common question we get from homeowners is “how often should we seal our stone?”. As far as sealing goes, there are many people who are not even aware that their stone needs to be sealed. To prolong the life and health of your stone, it should be sealed at least once a year and this may vary depending on the amount of traffic or use the stone gets.

Applying a sealer is an easy way to make sure your stone looks great and lasts long. Many of the popular brands of sealer include Dupont’s SoneTech, Aqua Mix and Miracle Sealants. Sealers can be applied by anyone but instructions on the bottle should be followed closely.