How To Set Tile On A HardieBacker

Phil Ouellette from Cement Pro pays us a visit to demonstrate the proper* way tile should be set on a HardieBacker board.

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*Consult for detailed instructions on HardieBacker products.

The drop test.


We Demonstrate And Test Some Of Aqua Mix's Best Products

We sell Aqua Mix…a lot of it, and we wanted to make sure that both our customers know what they are getting and our employees know what they’re selling.

In this video, we put the most popular Aqua Mix products to the test. We demonstrate the Stone Enhancer, Enrich N Seal, High-Gloss Sealer, Seal & Finish Low Sheen, and Floor Shine & Hardener on some travertine.

Thanks to Imperial Tile & Stone for providing the materials!

We Show You How To Spackle Travertine

In our latest video, we show you how to spackle travertine in order to fill unsightly holes or pores. This process takes only about 15-20 minutes and requires a few inexpensive products.

Bonanza Trade & Supply Demos StoneTech Glosses And Enhancers

In this video, we demo StoneTech’s Lacquer, Enhancer, Enhancer Pro, Semi Gloss and High Gloss.

We test out our new concrete polishing discs

With concrete polishing getting popular fast, we are bringing in products that will keep us current with the market. Not only are we carrying Alpha Professional’s concrete polishing pads and power tools, we are also producing our own at competitive pricing. In this video we illustrate a 7 step concrete polishing pad set with the Alpha VSP-120.

You can purchase the Alpha Concrete Polishing Kit, these Mad Max Concrete Polishing Discs and other concrete polishing tools at

How can I tell if my granite needs to be sealed?

A very basic question that surely every fabricator knows the answer to but is asked a lot by homeowners. The best way to determine if your granite counter tops should be sealed is by sprinkling a bit of water on to the surface of the stone and observe what happens. If the stone absorbs the water, than you should start looking into sealers. If the water beads up (as shown in the image) than the stone is not absorbing the water and your sealer is fine for the time being.

Water Beading On Granite

Some of the more popular manufactures of sealer include Miracle Sealants, Aqua Mix, and Dupont’s StoneTech Professional.

Brian from Laticrete demonstrates their new 4XLT

This product is now IN STOCK and on sale for only $17.00 (white). Price good until March 31, 2010!

On March 1st, Bonanza Trade & Supply welcomed Laticrete for some product demonstrations. We got a first look at the new Laticrete 4XLT thinset which was made for extra large tiles. Brian mixes the thinset with the Rubi Tools’ RubiMix and sets this 18 x 18 tile with no sagging.

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