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Sealers Vs. Enhancing Sealers

Many of our customers are confused when it comes to the differences between regular sealers vs. enhancing sealers. Since we have a large customer base that are do-it-yourselfers or homeowners in the process of renovating, we often hear that magical question, “how do I get that wet look”?

There are 2 different kinds of “wet” looks. Most of the time, that description refers to the darkening of the stone that brings out the natural color. Less often, the customer is talking about a gloss which is a topical sealer (meaning it does not penetrate the stone).

If you are looking the deepen the color of the stone, then you are probably in the market for an enhancing sealer. An enhancing sealer will both protect the stone from penetrating agents like greases and oils while altering the natural look of the stone (see sample images below). All of the major sealant companies produce an enhancing sealer like Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer, StoneTech Enhancer and Enhancer Pro (water base vs. solvent base) and Miracle Seal & Enhance.

Regular sealers will protect from external elements but will not change the look or feel of the stone. Sealers can be purchased as a water based product or a solvent based product. Water based sealers penetrate the stone and may be better for areas where food is prepared. A solvent based sealer is a finer product which will penetrate deeper and should be used in high traffic areas that are subject to weather or moisture.

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