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Will Concrete Replace Granite And Marble In New Homes?

The flexibility of concrete in comparison to stones like granite and marble has made it an ideal material to work with in the building or renovation of a home. The wide range of color options, patterns and shapes give home owners plenty of options to customize their kitchen or bathroom to their liking.

Polished concrete is not only eco-friendly but can be molded to shapes and designs that granite and marble can’t.

With great versatility, concrete countertops can be constructed either directly onsite or in the factory. In the factory, precast countertops are molded using specifically crafted custom molds. After the cement mix is set, the concrete is grinded, polished and the sealed to make a beautiful countertop. When the concrete countertops are constructed onsite,  the concrete is cast-in-situ to build custom forms directly over the tops of cabinets.

Though marble and granite won’t disappear from the market anytime in the near future, it definitely will make room for polished concrete which seems to be the next big thing in bath and kitchen remodeling.

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