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Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold Summer Sale

We currently have too much Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold and not enough space. In fact, if we don’t start clearing it out, my office is going to become an extension of our warehouse. So instead of letting that happen, we decided to sell it at an insanely low price…I’m starting to feel like this guy:

Anyways, get a gallon of Sealer’s Choice Gold for as low as $72.90 each with FREE shipping for a limited time only!

AquaMixDirect.com Now Offers More Colors Choices For Grout Colorants

On our sister site, AquaMixDirect.com, we take pride in offering all of the products that Aqua Mix has to offer. One thing we wanted to do is make sure our customers have access to all of the grout colorants regardless of what color they are trying to match. In order to do this, we had to add multiple manufacturers to our list.

If you are in the market for Aqua Mix brand Grout Colorant, you can match with Aqua Mix, Custom, Laticrete, Mapei, TEC and Bonsal colors. With all of these options, you’re bound to find the color you need.

Don’t forget that every Grout Colorant is made to order and requires a lead time of up to 10 days so plan your projects accordingly!

We Demonstrate And Test Some Of Aqua Mix's Best Products

We sell Aqua Mix…a lot of it, and we wanted to make sure that both our customers know what they are getting and our employees know what they’re selling.

In this video, we put the most popular Aqua Mix products to the test. We demonstrate the Stone Enhancer, Enrich N Seal, High-Gloss Sealer, Seal & Finish Low Sheen, and Floor Shine & Hardener on some travertine.

Thanks to Imperial Tile & Stone for providing the materials!