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FREE Product Knowledge Session Presented by Diamax

On Thursday, May 10, Diamax will be joining the Bonanza crew in the showroom from 6:30 – 9:30am for a FREE Product Knowledge Session. Our Diamax sales rep will be providing an in-store demonstration of Diamax’s product line of diamond tools and polishing pads used for stone and tile applications.

Diamax Cyclone Dry/Wet Side Protection Core Bit

Featuring diamond side protection on both outside and inside the shaft, the Diamax Cyclone Dry/Wet Side Protection Core Bit is the ultimate bit for ease of drilling and core release. The Vacuum braze diamonds with the steel core ensures smooth coring and lasting durability. The core bit is excellent in both wet and dry applications making it an asset out in the field where a water is not an option.

The Cyclone Dry/Wet Side Protection Core Bit be used on granite, marble, engineered stone, and other natural stone and is appropriate for use on hammer drills, air polishers, and core drivers.

Shop Diamax Cyclone Wet/Dry Side Protection Core Bit


Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Blade




The perfect blade for porcelain, the Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Blade features a dimple rim that minimizes heat caused by friction to keep the blade super cool and cutting at its best. With the ability to cut at cooler temperatures, the blade performs chip free cutting quickly and smoothly. The new diamond bond makes this the best continuous rim blade on the market.

The blade is available in multiple sizes from 4.5″ to 14″ so there is the right size blade for your job.

Shop Diamax Cyclone Porcelain Tile Turbo Blade


CustomTech Stops by Bonanza for a FREE In-Store Product Knowledge Session

CustomTech, a division of Custom Building Products, will be joining the Bonanza Team on 4/19 from 6:30am – 9:30am for a FREE  product knowledge session. The foundation for a successful and quality job starts with the proper floor preparation.

From primers and self-leveling underlayments to products for moisture control and patching, CustomTech delivers the materials needed to get the job done right. CustomTech products have proudly been used in large scale commercial projects including casinos, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport , and Jacobs Medical Center, a San Diego Hosptial.

If you are coming by the store, be sure to check-in with our CustomTech rep for first hand knowledge of how CustomTech products can help you on your next job.



Shop CustomTech Floor Prep Products


Dry-Treat In-Store Demo 4/12 & Upcoming Accreditation Workshop 4/26

Dry-Treat Has Arrived!

Now available on StoneTooling.com and in-store at Bonanza Trade & Supply, Dry-Treat provides the ultimate in stone care products by utilizing advanced technology not found in any other sealer products.

On 4/12/18, Dry-Treat will stopping by the Bonanza showroom from 6:30am – 9:30am for an in-store demo and Table-Top Presentation of Dry-Treat products along with providing one-on-one education and answering any of your questions. This the perfect chance for an introduction to the best sealers on the market. The in-store demo will be followed up, on 4/26, with a formal Dry-Treat Accreditation workshop. This free Accreditation Workshop will certify you as a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator so any sealer applications you provide will qualify for Dry-Treat’s best-in-industry warranties.

Unlike other sealing products that work by depositing polymers inside the pores of material’s surface without any further adhesion, Dry-Treat’s molecules form a permanent bond inside the pores with a chemical reaction – this bond creates the longest lasting seal of protection found on the market. Dry-Treat sealers create barriers of protection against water-based stains and provide substantial oil-repellent properties.

In addition to the chemical bond, the molecules in found in Dry-Treat sealers are hundreds of times smaller than polymers found in  conventional sealers. This allows for Dry-Treat sealers to penetrate further and deeper than any other sealer for not only better stain protection but also for the most advanced protection against hard-to-tackle problems such efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing that are the result of water absorption into the stone. dry-treat-sealer-stain-proof-original-stonetooling

Dry-Treat STAIN PROOF Original – Premium Impregnating Sealer

One of the cornerstone products for the Dry-Treat line of sealers is STAIN-PROOF Original. This impressive impregnating sealer is invisible, breathable, and forms long-term superior protection against water and oil-based stains for up to 15 years. STAIN-PROOF Original has been tested in accordance with ISO 10545-14 Determination of resistance to stains Class 5 (highest class).

STAIN-PROOF Original keeps the surfaces in their natural color and finish and is ideal for indoor, outdoor, commercial and residential use. Unlike on competitor sealers, STAIN-PROOF can stand up to alkaline cleaners and even pressure hosing! STAIN-PROOF Original is effective for protecting natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete, brick and grout.

Click Here: Buy Dry-Treat STAIN-PROOF Original


Dry-Treat INENSIFIA – Deep Enhancement & Stain Protection

When not only premium sealing is desired but also color enhancement, Dry-Treat INTENSIFIA is the perfect solution.  Like STAIN-PROOF Original, INTENSIFIA also offers premium water and oil repellence protection along with a breathable seal that won’t trap water vapor inside the pores of the stone. INTENSIFIA, however, also provides deep color enhancement to enrich dull and faded surfaces, reduce concrete dusting, won’t yellow, flake, blister, or break down in high alkalis, and resists UV fading.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in both commercial and residential, INTENSIFIA carries a 5-year warranty and can easily be re-applied to clean surfaces. INTENSIFIA is perfect for a variety of porous surfaces including all types of natural stone, clay and terracotta tiles and pavers, brick, concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo, encaustic tile, terracotta and saltillo.

Click Here: Buy Dry-Treat INTENSIFIA


Ed, our Dry-Treat sales rep, came by our showroom to teach our contractors how easy it is to protect, transform and clean your stone & tile installations with their line of high tech sealers that can last up to 15 years without reapplication.


Laticrete Strata_Heat Launch & Free Installation Workshop on 4/4/18 with Instagram Live Stream @StoneTooling

We are excited  to announce the launch a brand new product line from Laticrete. Introducing a revolutionary new radiant floor heating system- Laticrete Strata_Heat.

The Laticrete Strata_Heat system combines the properties of Laticrete Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane with loose heat wires that allow for a fully customized wire layout that perfectly fits your room layout. The Strata_Heat System is also the only heating system on the market with a Smart WIFI Thermostat that allows for full control from your smart phone and an innovative Thermal Pack additive for the most energy efficient installation.

On February 28 and March 30, our North Hollywood showroom is hosting Laticrete for a tabletop presentation of the new Strata_Heat System from 6:30 am – 9:30 am. If you’re in the area or already headed to the store, this is perfect opportunity for a brief introduction to the Strata_Heat system. Our Laticrete rep will be onsite to answer any questions and help you become familiar with the system.

After the tabletop presentations, Laticrete will be presenting a free formal workshop on April 4, 2018 at our Bonanza showroom. This workshop will take place after hours and will be a full installation demonstration providing an opportunity for in depth installation techniques and guidelines. If you aren’t local to the area, we will be live streaming the workshop on Instagram @StoneTooling.

UPDATE: Did you miss out? If you weren’t able to attend the in-store workshop, you can still get all the first hand information from our Laticrete reps with our recorded video of the workshop. Check it out below:




Strata_Heat Mat

The Laticrete Strata_Heat Mat is uses the similar uncoupling technology found in the traditional Strata Mat underlayments but features a pegs for holding the heat wires. Unlike other floor heat systems currently on the market, Strata_Heat has the flexibility for heat wire placement in the 2, 3 or 4 peg position.

The Strata_Heat mat features Mortar Hydration Vents that allows for a superior bond between the mat and adhesive mortar and for a faster cure. The mat itself is translucent so the installer can easily identify if proper mortar coverage has been achieved without having to the lift that mat to verify. Like traditional Strata Mat, Strata_Heat provides anti-fracture and vapor management.





Smart Wifi Thermostat


The Laticrete Strata_Heat Thermostat is the only WiFi enabled thermostat that works with smart phones available on the market. With a simple-to-use smart phone app, the thermostat can optimize heat settings for maximum comfort and energy efficiency that  reduces utility costs. The thermostat is also capable of using GPS smartphone location services to learn heating routines and reduce energy costs by 25%. Featuring a user-friendly setup with intuitive interface, setup and operation are easy… the Strata_Heat Thermostat is even compatible with home automation hubs allowing for voice control temperature settings.


Thermal Pack


The Strata_Heat Thermal Pack is a one-of-a-kind thinset additive formulated specifically to work with Laticrete thinsets and the Strata_Heat System. This revolutionary additive utilizes Thermal Diffusion Technology for uniform heat distribution that results in increased efficiency and elimination of cold spots. Benefits of the Thermal Pack include increased thermal heat transfusion by 20% with quicker heat transfer from wires and energy cost savings by 15% by reducing number heating cycles to heat floors. Using the Thermal Pack quickly pays for itself with noticeable savings after a few months.

Lackmond Beast Tile Saw Q&A Day

It’s time for another in-store Product Knowledge session with Lackmond. On Wednesday, 10.18.17, Lackmond will be at our North Hollywood, CA showroom for a “show and tell” of their award winning Beast tile and stone saws. With 10″, 7″ and 5″ tile saws available, Lackmond has a Beast tile saw perfect for you whether you’re a tile contractor or DIY weekend warrior.

Beast-10 Tile Saw

Best in Class Cutting Capacity

The Lackmond Beast-10 Wet Tile Saw is one of the most impressive tile saws on the market today. With not only a remarkable cutting capacity, the Beast-10 comes packed with features not available in any other tile saws. With a 10″ blade, the Beast-10 boasts some of the best cutting abilities in its class by performing 34″ rip cuts and cutting 24″ x 24″ diagonally. The powerful 15 amp motor cleanly slices through even the hardest porcelain, stone and thicker materials up to a 3-3/8″ depth. Equipped with a tilting motor head, the Beast-10 performs 22.5º and 45º bevel cuts with ease and can also execute perfect plunge cuts.

Lackmond Beast-10 Tile Saw

Lackmond Beast-10 Tile Saw

Accessories for Ultimate Performance

Unlike most tile saws, the Beast-10 comes with accessories specifically designed for large format tile along with extra features for precision control. A removable extension table helps to support large format tile while a rear water tray catches excess water for a spill free work zone with minimal overspray. To control water placement and water volume over the blade, the Beast-10  comes with a snake-pipe water system and a “Y-fitting” that can be adjusted by the user for precise water flow.


The Beast-10 comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty- one of the best around.

Click Here to Purchase Lackmond Beast-10 Tile Saw at StoneTooling.com

Beast-7 Tile Saw

The Lackmond Beast-7 Wet Tile Saw is the little brother version of the Beast-10. With a 7″ blade, the Beast-7 rips 24″ tile and cuts 18″ x 18″ tile diagonally. The saw also comes with side table accessories for supporting large format tile along with the snake-pipe water system and a “Y-fitting” for precision control of water over the blade. The powerful 13 amp motor performs plunge cuts and bevel cuts at 22.5° and 45°. While the Beast-7 features a 7″ blade, it performs better than most 10″ wet tile saws available on the market- at 48 lbs, the compact but powerful design is a force to be reckoned with.

Just like the Beast-10, the Beast-7 comes with an impressive 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Click Here to Purchase Lackmond Beast-7 Tile Saw at StoneTooling.com


Beast-5  Stone & Tile Saw

For applications that require an easy-to-maneuver hand-held saw, the Lackmond Beast-5 has some the best performance features available in its class. The Beast-5 has an integrated plunge cut that provides up to 1-1/4″ depth of cut at 90°, and at a 45° bevel position, the saw can perform an impressive 1″ depth of cut.


A powerful 12 amp, 13,500 rpm variable speed motor can slice through a variety of materials from hard ceramic to dense granite with ease while the durable metal base plate provides a strong support and a high strength rip fence ensures accurate rip cuts over long tiles. The Beast-5 is one the most versatile hand-held stone & tile saws- it can be used both wet and dry and accepts both concave and standard blades for the professional contractor.

Click here to purchase the Lackmond Beast-5 Stone & Tile Saw at StoneTooling.com

In-Store StoneTech Product-Knowledge Session

Join us in our North Hollywood, CA showroom on 9.19.17 for a free product knowledge session presented by StoneTech.

Formally distributed by Dupont, StoneTech is now a division of Laticrete, adding a stone care product line to Laticrete’s already impressive selection of stone & tile installation products. Known throughout the stone and tile industry as a standard for premium stone care products, StoneTech’s line of Protect, Clean & Transform products are trusted by stone and tile professionals around the world.  Whether it’s sealing, cleaning, enhancing, or restoration of natural stone and tile, StoneTech has the perfect product for your application.

Laticrete StoneTech BulletProof Sealer

Laticrete StoneTech BulletProof Sealer


One of the most popular sealers on the market today is StoneTech’s Bulletproof. Bulletproof is a water-based penetrating sealer formulated advanced fluorochemicals. This advanced penetrating microbond protection is designed to handle the toughest oil and water-based stains making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and other areas subject to water, oil, and dirt.

Bulletproof is also ideal for exterior applications such as patios and decks. With a low solids coating that penetrates the material’s pores for an invisible layer of protection, Bulletproof preserves the original finish by not altering the look of the surface being sealed. Suited for the most porous natural stone, Bulletproof is ideal for sealing marble, granite, limestone, bluestone, saltillo, travertine, sandstone.


StoneTech Revitalizer is the professional’s choice for natural stone cleaners. Unlike damaging and abrasive general purpose cleaners that are typically found underneath the kitchen sink, Revitalizer has been carefully designed for natural stone with a neutral, gentle formula. With a fresh, citrus scent, Revitalizer cleans natural stone without damaging either the existing sealer or the stone.

Laticrete StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector

Laticrete StoneTech Revitalizer Cleaner & Protector

Another key benefits to Revitalizer’s formula  includes built-in sealer that helps to reinforce protection as you clean and also make surfaces easier to clean. Revitalizer is the perfect daily cleaner for natural stone countertops  along with all other granite, marble, slate, sandstone, ceramic & porcelain tile surfaces.


Laticrete StoneTech Enhancer Pro

Laticrete StoneTech Enhancer Pro Seal & Enhancer

When you need to not only seal but also enhance natural stone, StoneTech’s Transform line includes  2-in-1 sealer and enhancer products. Water-based Enhancer and solvent-based Enhancer Pro both provide heavy duty protection against tough oil and water-based stains.

Enhancer and Enhancer Pro’s advanced formulas penetrate into the pores of the material being sealed to provide not only repelling protection against stains, but also to leave an enhanced and enriched color finish. Enhancer and Enhancer Pro helps bring out the beauty of faded or worn natural stone surfaces.

While Enhancer is effective for interior applications only, Enhancer Pro is designed to hold up in exterior applications. Enhancer and Enhancer Pro for ideal for natural stone such as limestone, slate, travertine, sandstone, flagstone, tumbled stone, flamed stone & textured stone, masonry & concrete.


Demo Day with Alpha Professional

We are excited to announce Alpha Professional will be joining us in-store on 9.06.17 from 6:30am – 9:30am. Stop by our North Hollywood location for a live demo of exciting new products and tools from Alpha Professional. Our Alpha representative will be on site answering questions and showing how Alpha Tools can take your productivity to the next level!

Featuring demos of the Alpha Katana Blade, Silencer III Blade, AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, VSP-320 Variable Speed Polisher, and PVA VP Style Dry Polishing System, this is the perfect opportunity to see Alpha tools in action.


The Katana Blade

alpha-katana-diamond-blade-stonetoolingEvery professional tile contractor needs a dry cutting blade in their toolbox arsenal. For the ultimate in dry cutting blades, Alpha is proud to present the new Katana Blade. The premium, high-grade Katana Blade will cleanly slice all types of tile materials with minimal chipping and can also be used in wet cutting applications. Fitting on most high-speed angle grinders, the Katana Blade is engineered specifically for hard porcelain tile but can also be used for granite, marble, glazed ceramic, and engineered stone.

Available in 4″ and 5″ diameters, the Katana Blade can be purchased here.


AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter


The Alpha AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter is professional grade hand-held saw that produces fabrication quality straight cuts. Engineered for the stone, tile, and glass industry, the saw comes equipped with a high quality water-feed system to keep the blade cool and dramatically reduce dust particles. The Alpha AWS-125 also has the unique ability to accept Contour Blades for producing curves making it one of the most versatile wet cutting saws in its class.


Purchase the Alpha AWS-125 Wet Stone


VSP-320 Variable Speed Wet Polisher

The new Alpha VSP-320 is packed with features and ergonomic design. With a variable speed from 700-2500 rpm and a Heavy-Duty Gear System with Step-Down Transmission, the VSP-320 has unparalleled performance that yields the highest quality results. alpha-vsp-320-wet-polisher-stonetoolingFor the ultimate convenience, VSP-320 includes a C-Handle and Side Handle. The C-Handle makes profiling, core drilling, and other torque-oriented applications easier than ever while the Side Handle is perfect for general polishing applications.

Step up your wet polishing game today with the Alpha VSP-320 Variable Wet Speed Polisher.

Purchase the Alpha VSP-320 Variable Speed Wet Polisher


Brand New Lackmond Tile Saws! Now Available on StoneTooling.com

With arrival of Lackmond BEAST-5, BEAST-7, and BEAST-10 Wet Tile Saws to our Los Angeles showroom and warehouse, StoneTooling.com is proud to announce we are now an official distributor for Lackmond.

Over the past two decades, Lackmond had built a brand on high-quality professional diamonds tools for not only the stone and tile installation industry but also for the rental, construction supply, and hardware markets. With an expansive product catalog that includes diamond tools for cutting, grinding, and drilling, Lackmond knows contractors will accept only the best performance from their tools.

The robust, steel-framed Lackmond Beast-7 and Beast-10 Wet Tile Saws are packed with innovative features including impressive cutting capacity and cutting abilities, a customizable water system, and optional accessories to assist in cutting large format tile and further improve water containment. With a powerful 15 AMP motor, porcelain, natural stone, and other thicker materials are cleanly and accurately sliced. Together, these features make the Beast-7 and Beast-10 Tile Saws stand outs in the tile saw market.


Lackmond Beast-7 Wet Tile Saw with Universal Gravity Folding Stand

Bold Cutting Capacity

Offering both beautiful aesthetic appeal and easy maintenance, large format tile has become increasingly popular over the past several years. For contractors, having a tile saw with the versatility to cut large format tiles can give the edge when bidding on jobs. To meet this demand, Lackmond designed the Beast-7 and Beast-10 tile saws with cutting capacities that can tackle plank and large format tiles.

The Beast-7, a 7″ wet tile saw, can execute 24″ rip cut and diagonally cut a 18″ x 18″ tile while the Beast-10, a 10″ wet tile saw, can produce an impressive 34″ rip cut (39″ with plunge) and diagonally cut 24″ x 24″ tile. With the largest cutting capacity in their class, the Beast-7 and Beast-10 are sure to become the cornerstone of any tile contractor’s toolbox.


Plunge Cut and Miter Cut Abilities

Both the Lackmond Beast-7 and Beast-10 Tile Saws come equipped with a tilting motor head for accurate 22.5 and 45 bevel cuts. With the plunge cut feature, cut-outs for wall sockets, receptacles, and V-Cap cuts are a breeze. Save time and money by investing in a tile saw that not only performs straight cuts but has the versatility to produce tailored cuts for a variety of applications.


Exceptional Water Containment

lackmond_beast_10_stonetooling_4While no wet tile saw is going to be completely mess free, Lackmond has developed some of the most innovative design features for water containment. The Beast-7 and Beast-10 Tile Saws come equipped with snake pipe water nozzle for precision water control over the blade. With the snake pipe, the user has complete control of water placement and volume along with a “Y-fitting” customization option that will produce multiple water streams.

With an externally mounted water supply, front access water tray, and water pump that can be used in the water tray or side bucket, the water containment system is easy to keep clean and functioning at its best.


Accessories for Ultimate Performance

Large format tile can be a challenge to handle and cut. With the optional accessories for the Beast-7 and Beast-10 Tile Saws, cutting large format tile has never been easier. Both tile saws offer a Side Extension Table for supporting large format tile and hassle-free cutting. For a cleaner work space, the optional Side Water Tray catches excess water runoff and drips as a result of cutting large format tile.

While the accessories are typically sold as optional add-ons, we know the accessories are important for getting all of the benefits and most productivity out of the Beast-7 and Beast-10 Tile Saws, so we offer both saws as a complete, cost-saving package with all optional accessories included (stands sold separately).

The Lackmond Beast Tile Saws are now available on StoneTooling.com. Be sure to check out some of the best tile saws on the market and step-up your tile game!

Introducing Schluter Ditra-Heat-TB & Touchscreen Thermostats

Schluter is excited to announce the next generation of Ditra-Heat with Ditra-Heat-TB and a new programmable Touchscreen Thermostat (Ditra-Heat-E-RT). Schluter Ditra-Heat is an unparalleled electric floor warming system designed to be used in conjunction with natural stone and tile installations.

Schluter Ditra-Heat-TB


Ditra-Heat combines the properties of standard Schluter Ditra with easy-to-lay heating cables for an exceptional installation that not only provides perfectly warmed tile and stone floors but is also designed to last.

Schluter Ditra-Heat-TB is the newest matting in the Ditra Heat lineup. Just like traditional Ditra-Heat, Ditra-Heat-TB features the same great uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management, and load support properties of award winning Ditra but also includes a thermal break for improved heating efficiency.

By directing heat towards the tile and away from the subfloor, the tile is heated much more quickly – heat your tile and not the subfloor. With the thermal break, floors are warmed up to 70% faster over concrete substrates. Furthermore, Ditra-Heat-TB has a nominal thickness of 5/16″ (8mm) to maintain the minimum overall thickness of the tile assembly and ease transitions to lower surface coverings.


Schluter Ditra-Heat-TB

Just like regular Ditra-Heat, Ditra-Heat-TB installs quickly and easily – few tools are required and self-leveling compounds are not required for encasing the heat cables in the membrane. The unique design of the Ditra-Heat membrane allows the installer to lay cables exactly where they need to be so unnecessary parts of the floor aren’t warmed.


Schluter Touchscreen Thermostat

Along with the Ditra-Heat-TB, Schluter is also unveiling a new programmable Touchscreen Thermostat (Ditra-Heat-E-RT) to control the floor temperature.


Touchscreen Thermostat Ditra-Heat-E-RT

The Touchscreen Thermostat features built in  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) along with a digital display and back-lit screen. With a intuitive and interactive 3.5″ color display, programming a floor warming system has never been easier. The thermostat can be programmed for up to six periods a day, and through an adaptive, built-in function, the thermostat learns when to turn heating cables on and off at the correct intervals to reach target temperatures throughout the day.

With the rising costs of energy today, many homeowners are concerned about household energy consumption. The Touchscreen Thermostat has the ability optimize energy use with a touch-driven energy consumption log and also allows the homeowner to input their current Kilowatt-hour rate for calculated energy costs over a given time period. With these features, the homeowner has the flexibility to maximize comfort while saving on energy costs.

Schluter Ditra-Heat-TB and Touchscreen Thermostat combine to make the Schluter Floor Warming System one of the best on the market.

Both are now available on StoneTooling.com!

Bonanza / StoneTooling.com is Growing!

Bonanza / StoneTooling.com is growing!

We are pleased to inform you of the exciting changes happening at Bonanza this coming year. 2015 has seen tremendous growth and record sales. We have expanded our product lines, which are now housed in our new satellite warehouse and have increased yard staff to reduce wait times. We’ve taken these steps to partner with you to help grow your business alongside ours.

2016 will see a brand new Bonanza. We have begun construction to increase our Lankershim warehouse to an expansive 7000 sq/ft housing everything you need, all under one roof. We will remain open during this time and anticipate no interruption to the excellent service that you have come to know and trust.

We recognize that this growth would not be possible without you, our valued customer. Thank you for your years of loyalty. As we continue to improve your shopping experience, we welcome and encourage your feedback.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.

Daniel Abitboul