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Product Review: SuperiorBilt Platinum Knee Pads

Gaining popularity through a feature on the DiY Network’s popular program “Cool Tools”, the Platinum Knee Pads from SuperiorBilt are some of the best knee pads on the market in its price range.

At only $36 on StoneTooling.com, the Platinum Knee Pads are extremely comfortable and help alleviate foot pain by raising your shin at an angle. With a designated left and right pad, the knee cap fits nicely into the pad and allows for proper weight distribution.

Here is a video we shot to give you a better idea of what the knee pads look like and how they work. Be sure to check out our product page for more information and to place an order.

We Personally Test The ProCaliber Granite & Marble Acrylic Repair Kit

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned one of our new products that will get scratches out of your granite or marble in just a few minutes. We decided to test this UV repair kit ourselves so we know exactly what our customers are dealing with and to be able to provide better customer support.

Here is the video we came up with.

You can purchase this product HERE.

SawMaster SDT 1030 Visual Tour

David from SawMaster came by to show off the new SawMaster SDT 1030 tile saw. This saw is a powerful, 2 hp saw that could slice through up to 3 tiles. Changing the blade is easy and this could be the perfect saw for any site.

Learn more about the SDT 1030 at http://www.stonetooling.com/

Gemini Demonstrates Their Apollo Ring Saw

Melvin from Gemini stopped by to demonstrate the versatility of the Apollo Ring Saw. It cuts glass and tile easily in straight or curved lines.

The Apollo starts at $599.00.

David Ross Joins Us To Show Off His Cheetah Pads

David Ross, of Eco Stone Solutions, stopped by to show us how easy his Cheetah Pads bring life back to etched, scratched or damaged marble. This 5 step system uses no chemicals and gave use a better shine than factory.

Rubi Tools Stops By Again To Show Off Some Tile Cutters

Rubi Tools came by again last week to show off their tile cutters to our in-store customers. Here is some video we shot of the Rubi rep cutting tile on their TX-N.

Gemini Saws Show Off Their Revolution XT And Apollo Ring Saw

Gemini Saws dropped by to show off their Revolution XT and Apollo saws. These saws cut in 2 directions and allow for patterns and designs to be easily cut into tile. The ring is safe to the touch but will cut through stone with no problem. The Revolution XT is currently available and the Apollo will be out later this month.

The Gemini Revolution XT allows for an unlimited length or diagonal. The 1HP motor will cut through up to 6cm of stone or tile. Great for glass!

  • Endless width and length capability.
  • Cute stone and tile up to 6cm thick.
  • Cut inside and outside radius curves.
  • No water pump, completely self sustained.
  • Heavy duty, yet easily manageable.

We Test Axon's Clear Stone Glue

We put Axson’s clear stone glue to the test under different condition. We wanted to see the results of the glue on sealed and unsealed marble and with or without pigment.

Axson and thousands of other products for the stone or tile installer are available at http://www.stonetooling.com/

Cement Pro Pays Us A Visit To Indroduce Their Setting Mortars

Bonanza Trade & Supply welcomed Cement Pro last Friday to provide some information about their company and products as well as demonstrate their thinsets.

You will see Corey and Phil lay some porcelain tile on Hardi Backer with Multi-Pro, Thinset-Pro and Ultra-Pro. Products are available at StoneTooling.

We Demonstrate And Test Some Of Aqua Mix's Best Products

We sell Aqua Mix…a lot of it, and we wanted to make sure that both our customers know what they are getting and our employees know what they’re selling.

In this video, we put the most popular Aqua Mix products to the test. We demonstrate the Stone Enhancer, Enrich N Seal, High-Gloss Sealer, Seal & Finish Low Sheen, and Floor Shine & Hardener on some travertine.

Thanks to Imperial Tile & Stone for providing the materials!