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Miracle Sealants Stops by Bonanza for a Tabletop Presentation

It’s time for another in-store tabletop presentation! On March 7, 2018, Miracle Sealants will be stopping the Bonanza showroom from 6:30am – 9:30am to talk about their lineup of stone care products including their premium sealers like 511 Impregnator Sealer, 511 Porous Plus, 511 H2O Plus, and 511 Seal & Enhance. If you haven’t tried any Miracle Sealant products before, this is a chance great to get information directly from our sales rep and learn how Miracle Sealants can benefit your next job.

Miracle Sealants is one of the industry’s most well known stone care companies. Providing superior sealers, cleaners, and restoration products, Miracle Sealants is trusted worldwide by contractors, installers, and tile professionals. With the array of beautiful (and expensive) tile and stone available on the market today, it’s important to not skimp on the last stage of installation- sealing will help protect the installation for years to come.

Miracle Sealants also features a full line of stone care products including cleaners and restoration products. Stop on by the Bonanaza showroom for a first hand look at Miracle Sealants and a chance to chat with our sales rep.

511 Impregnator Sealer


The original penetrating sealer, Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator Sealer is one of the most popular sealers on the market and the go-to product for contractors and tile installers alike. The penetrating sealers deposits polymers deep inside the stone’s pores to provide an invisible barrier and protection against stains but allows vapor to escape.

511 Impregnator Sealer is excellent to use on a variety of surfaces including natural stone, porcelain & ceramic tile, concrete, brick, and sanded grout. The solvent-based formula also makes the sealer ideal for outdoor applications while superior coverage makes it a cost effective choice.




511 Porous Plus

Excellent for both interior and exterior use, Miracle Sealants 511 Porous Plus is a solvent-based sealer that provides superior protection for both oil and water stains. U.V. Transparent and weather resistant, 511 Porous Plus is the ideal choice for outdoor applications. It also safe for food areas making it perfect for kitchens and outdoor entertainment areas.

The premium sealer is designed for the most porous surfaces such as sanded Grout, Terra Cotta, Cantera/Adoquin, Brick, Limestone, Sandstone, Cement, Slate, Saltillo Tile, Flagstone, Concrete Tile, Pre-Cast Concrete, Flamed & Honed Granite, Honed/Textured Marble, Polished Marble, Polished Granite.


511 Seal & Enhance

Miracle Sealants 511 Seal & Enhance is an innovative product that not only seals but also enhances. The one step formula eliminates the need for an additional step of using a color enhancer before an impregnating sealer. Once applied, the surface colors are deepened and enhanced while the surface is also provided with maximum protection against water and oil stains. 511 Seal & Enhance is the perfect solution to weathered and faded natural stone and tile surfaces.

511 Seal & Enhance is ideal for natural stone such as granite, limestone, marble, and slate along with ceramic and quarry tile.

Hydro-Blok Presents: Product Knowledge Tabletop Session

We are excited to start the New Year off right with a Product-Knowledge session presented by Hydro-Blok Shower Systems. Join us on 1.17.18 at our North Hollywood, CA showroom for this free Product Knowledge Tabletop Session.

Hydro-Blok Shower Systems features an innovative line of preformed shower components including shower pans, curbs, seats, niches, and the Ebbe Linear Drain that makes installing a shower easier and more convenient than ever before. Hydro-Blok representative, Rick Coury, will be on site to answer questions and explain the installation process.

Hydro-Block Shower System


Hydro-Blok Shower System

Traditional shower builds are time consuming installations that are best left to contractors or experienced DIY’ers. From start to finish, these types of shower installations often require 2 – 3 days before completion.  With Hydro Blok, a 3 x 3 shower can be installed in about 2-4 hours. This reduction in installation time directly translates to tremendous labor saving costs.

With pre-waterproofed surfaces and accessories for easy customization, the Hydro Blok Shower System is the perfect choice for a fast and simple shower installation in variety of applications from new construction and remodels in both commercial and residential applications to also being the ideal choice for RV’s, yachts, and cruise ships.


Hydro-Blok Shower System

Hydro-Blok Shower Pan

Hydro-Blok Shower Pans feature a environmentally friendly HCFC-free XPS foam core that is lightweight and waterproof. For added strength, fiberglass mesh covers the core and the surface is coated with modified-cement for a tile-ready substrate. The modified cement coating provides maximum adhesion of any tile, stone, or mosaics while the cement surface is also true and level for tile installations.

The Hydro Blok shower pans eliminate the need for a traditional sloping mortar bed or hot-mopping. The Single Slope Shower Pans are designed to accommodate linear drains while the Presloped Shower Pans feature a center drain with a solid brass drain assembly. The Presloped Shower Pans are available in a variety of sizes including:

  • 36″ x 48″
  • 36″ x 60″
  • 48″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 72″
  • 36″ x 72″ Offset

The Single Slope Shower Pans available sizes include:

  • 36″ x 60″
  • 48″ x 72″
  • 60″ x 36″
  • 72″ x 48″

If a pan isn’t quite the right size, it can be trimmed down with a circular saw for a custom fit. Additionally, shower pans be made larger with the Shower Pan Extension.

The Hydro-Blok Single Slope shower pans include 2″ Mesh Tape along with Straight and Corner Putty Knives.

The Hydro-Block Presloped Shower pan includes Solid Brass Drain Assembly, Solid Stainless Steel Drain Cover and Drain Tray, Plastic Drain Riser (can be trimmed to custom height), and 2″ Mesh Tape.

Shop Hydro-Blok Presloped Shower Pans

Shop Hydro-Blok Single Sloped Shower Pans


Hydro-Blok Niches & Benches

For a personalized shower installation, Hydro-Blok brings a complete line of water-proof and ready-to-tile shower niches and seats to their catalog of products. The shower niches are perfect for holding shampoo bottles and other shower items for an organized shower space. With a both a square 16″ x 16″ recessed niche and a 16″ x 28″ recessed niche with positional shelf, you’re sure to find the perfect niche for your shower installation.

Hydro-Blok shower seats add both an elegant and functional design feature to any shower. Like the shower pan, the seats are made from closed cell extruded polystyrene foam core which is 100% waterproof, lightweight, and designed to last. The Suspended 17″ x 17″ Medium Seat will add a modern and stylish finish to your shower.  All shower seats come with the necessary hardware and installation instructions for a perfect fit every time.


Ebbe INNI Linear Drain for Hydro-Blok

For a barrier free, luxurious, open-concept  shower, the Ebbe INNI 73.5″ Linear Drain compliments the Hydro-Blok Single Sloping Shower Pan to achieve your dream shower. The Ebbe INNI Linear Drain is designed specifically to incorporate into the Hydro-Blok Single Slope Shower Pans and can be used with any size tile. With no metal drain cover, the Ebbe INNI Linear Drain fits seamlessly into the shower design and allows for creative and unique tile work.

Unlike other linear drains that are a fixed size, the Ebbe INNI Linear Drain can be cut down in size to fit any shower space. Drain bodies can even be coupled together to create a larger shower. The Ebbe INNI Linear Drain is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.


Hydo-Blok Shower with Linear Drain

The versatility and design features of the Ebbe INNI Linear Drain along with the superior performance and ease-of-use of the Hydro-Blok Shower System makes Hydro-Blok a standout in the preformed shower systems market.

Stop by StoneTooling.com and shop Hydro-Blok for your next shower.

New Product Education & Demo Day with Custom Building Products

Custom Building Products will be stopping the Bonanza showroom in North Hollywood, CA on 11.15.17 from 6:30-9:30 am for an education and demo day of their newest self-leveling and sloping products.

Custom will be on site providing product knowledge on their latest innovative products, TechLevel 150, SpeedSlope, and TechPrime A. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and learn how these products can become a beneficial part of your next job.


TechLevel 150 Self-Leveling Underlayment

Cutome TechLevel 150 Self-Leveling UnderlaymentFor a premium, self-leveling underlayment, look no further than TechLevel 150. TechLevel 150 features a high quality, calcium aluminate-based formula that achieves greater than 4300 psi compressive strength. Designed to be used prior to prior to the installation of ceramic tile, natural stone tile, resilient flooring, carpet, wood and other floor coverings , TechLevel 150 ensures a level substrate before installation.

The low prep-formula is  as simple as sweep, prime, and pour- in minutes, TechLevel 150 seeks its own level and can be applied up to 1.5″ thick. In addition, TechLevel 150 provides superior crack resistance with a formula that reduces cracks and minimizes shrinkage.


Click Here: more information & purchase: TechLevel 150


SpeedSlope Rapid Set Sloping Mortar

SpeedSlope is an innovative underlayment designed for cement-based mortar beds and sloping mortar beds. It can be used for leveling and ramping up to 3″ on horizontal substrates and up to 5″ in confined areas such as trenches.

Custom SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar

Custom SpeedSlope Rapid Setting Sloping Mortar

Featuring pre-blended formula, SpeedSlope is a polymer modified mortar that is ready-to-mix with water right out of the bag, and with a rapid-setting cure time, SpeedSlope is ready for ceramic tile and natural stone tile installations in 1 – 2 hours and for tile setting in 12 hours.

SpeedSlope is excellent for shower pre-slopes, floating a shower floor, and deep patching applications. In shower applications, it can be used underneath waterproofing membranes. In addition to sloping mortar beds for showers, SpeedSlope can also be used for walls and countertops and is effective for both wet and dry applications.

Speedslope is a versatile mortar that can be used over a variety of substrates including interior and exterior concrete and masonry surfaces, RedGard/RedGard SpeedCoat Waterproofing Membranes, WonderBoard Lite cement backerboard, existing finishes and substrates with suitable preparation or priming, and exterior grade plywood with lath (dry applications only).


Click Here: more information & purchase: SpeedSlope


TechPrime A Acrylic Primer

Custom TechPrime A Acrylic Primer

Custom TechPrime A Acrylic Primer

TechPrime A is an advanced acrylic primer that preps surfaces for CustomTech self-leveling underlayments. TechPrime A is solvent free and will help seal both porous and non-porous for an improved bond strength with the underlayment to subsurface.

TechPrime A is approved for a variety of substrates including:

  • Absorbent concrete
  • Non-absorbent concrete
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Existing ceramic tile
  • Cement terrazzo
  • Exterior grade plywood
  • OSB
  • Cutback adhesive residue
  • VCT
  • Approved moisture control membranes

Click Here: more information & purchase: TechPrime A

Lackmond Beast Tile Saw Q&A Day

It’s time for another in-store Product Knowledge session with Lackmond. On Wednesday, 10.18.17, Lackmond will be at our North Hollywood, CA showroom for a “show and tell” of their award winning Beast tile and stone saws. With 10″, 7″ and 5″ tile saws available, Lackmond has a Beast tile saw perfect for you whether you’re a tile contractor or DIY weekend warrior.

Beast-10 Tile Saw

Best in Class Cutting Capacity

The Lackmond Beast-10 Wet Tile Saw is one of the most impressive tile saws on the market today. With not only a remarkable cutting capacity, the Beast-10 comes packed with features not available in any other tile saws. With a 10″ blade, the Beast-10 boasts some of the best cutting abilities in its class by performing 34″ rip cuts and cutting 24″ x 24″ diagonally. The powerful 15 amp motor cleanly slices through even the hardest porcelain, stone and thicker materials up to a 3-3/8″ depth. Equipped with a tilting motor head, the Beast-10 performs 22.5º and 45º bevel cuts with ease and can also execute perfect plunge cuts.

Lackmond Beast-10 Tile Saw

Lackmond Beast-10 Tile Saw

Accessories for Ultimate Performance

Unlike most tile saws, the Beast-10 comes with accessories specifically designed for large format tile along with extra features for precision control. A removable extension table helps to support large format tile while a rear water tray catches excess water for a spill free work zone with minimal overspray. To control water placement and water volume over the blade, the Beast-10  comes with a snake-pipe water system and a “Y-fitting” that can be adjusted by the user for precise water flow.


The Beast-10 comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty- one of the best around.

Click Here to Purchase Lackmond Beast-10 Tile Saw at StoneTooling.com

Beast-7 Tile Saw

The Lackmond Beast-7 Wet Tile Saw is the little brother version of the Beast-10. With a 7″ blade, the Beast-7 rips 24″ tile and cuts 18″ x 18″ tile diagonally. The saw also comes with side table accessories for supporting large format tile along with the snake-pipe water system and a “Y-fitting” for precision control of water over the blade. The powerful 13 amp motor performs plunge cuts and bevel cuts at 22.5° and 45°. While the Beast-7 features a 7″ blade, it performs better than most 10″ wet tile saws available on the market- at 48 lbs, the compact but powerful design is a force to be reckoned with.

Just like the Beast-10, the Beast-7 comes with an impressive 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Click Here to Purchase Lackmond Beast-7 Tile Saw at StoneTooling.com


Beast-5  Stone & Tile Saw

For applications that require an easy-to-maneuver hand-held saw, the Lackmond Beast-5 has some the best performance features available in its class. The Beast-5 has an integrated plunge cut that provides up to 1-1/4″ depth of cut at 90°, and at a 45° bevel position, the saw can perform an impressive 1″ depth of cut.


A powerful 12 amp, 13,500 rpm variable speed motor can slice through a variety of materials from hard ceramic to dense granite with ease while the durable metal base plate provides a strong support and a high strength rip fence ensures accurate rip cuts over long tiles. The Beast-5 is one the most versatile hand-held stone & tile saws- it can be used both wet and dry and accepts both concave and standard blades for the professional contractor.

Click here to purchase the Lackmond Beast-5 Stone & Tile Saw at StoneTooling.com

Now Shipping! New Husqvarna TS 70 and TS 90 Tile Saws

Husqvarna is proud to present two new saws to the Husqvarna tile saw lineup – the TS 70 Tile Saw and the TS 90 Tile Saw. The TS 70 Tile Saw is the new alternative to the TS 250 X3 Wet Tile Saw and the TS 90 Tile Saw is the replacement for the discontinued TS 250 XL3 Tile Saw.

As a brand built on excellence, Husqvarna’s new tile saws are designed to meet the toughest jobsite requirements. The new tile saws have many of the same great features contractors rely on but with new design features for even better performance. Robust features like exceptional cutting capacity, patented water containment system, versatile cutting abilities, and optional stands will exceed even the most demanding contractor’s expectations.


Improved Cutting Capacity with Versatile Cutting Abilities

Compared to the TS 250 X3 and TS 250 XL3 tile saws, both the TS 70 and TS 90 feature an improved, larger cutting capacity. With the popularity of large format tile, investing in a tile saw capable of handling large format tile dimensions gives the versatility to bid on a wide range of jobs. The TS 70 can perform 28″ rip cuts and diagonally cut 20″ x 20″ tile while the TS 90 has an impressive rail saw like cutting capacity and is capable of 36″ rip cuts and diagonally cutting 24″ x 24″ tile.

No high performance tile saw is complete without plunge and miter cut abilities. The TS 70 and TS 90 both feature a rotating motor head for 22.5 and 45 degree miter cuts and can also perform plunge cuts for receptacles.


Jet Stream Water System

Both the TS 70 and TS 90 feature Husqvarna’s patented Jet Stream Water Containment System. The Jet Stream system helps to keep water and slurry in the cart for a cleaner work space.  In addition to keeping the workplace cleaner, the innovative water delivery system also helps minimize slurry on the tile face – less slurry on the tile face means less slurry having to wipe off after each cut. Spend more time cutting and less time wiping off slurry!


Optional Stands

There are two optional stands available for the TS 70 and TS 90. The first optional stand is a Fixed Leg Stand that comes with integrated wheels for convenient maneuverability.

The second optional stand is the Adjustable Rolling Stand. Both the TS 70 and TS 90 are robust tile saws – the Adjustable Rolling Stand turns into a cart so the saw can be easily maneuvered around the jobsite by one person. The Adjustable Rolling Stand also features adjustable feet for uneven surfaces and can be raised and lowered to different heights for maximum usability.

If you are in the market for a new tile saw, be sure to check out the Husqvarna TS 70 and Husqvarna TS 90 Tile Saws at StoneTooling.com today!

StoneTooling.com now Carries Schluter Online!

We are proud to announce Schluter products are now available on StoneTooling.com.

Up until now, Schluter had a strict policy for distributors regarding the sale of Schluter products. Distributors could only sell Schluter products to their specific geographic region, and breaking this policy could result in the distributor completely losing their ability to sell Schluter products.

While some retailers side stepped this policy by purchasing from other Schluter dealers and reselling on unauthorized auction sites like ebay, this voided all warranties on those products.

Beginning in January of this year, Schluter changed their long standing policy and are now allowing authorized distributors and dealers to sell Schluter products online. For years we have carried Schluter products in-store for local customers, and now for the first time, we are excited to have Schluter products available on StoneTooling.com for our customers nationwide.

Schluter Kerdi Shower System - StoneTooling.com

Schluter Kerdi Shower System – StoneTooling.com

Schluter is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative stone and ceramic tile installation systems. Master Tile Setter, Werner Schluter, began his tile installation company in 1966 and in 1975, launched his first tile installation product, Schluter-Schiene.

From there, Schluter would become the largest supplier of leading-edge installation systems in the industry.

For many of our customers, finding a quality shower system is key for new bathroom installations and bathroom remodels. With a preformed shower system and waterproofing membrane, a watertight shower can quickly and easily be installed without need for a traditional mortar bed.

In 1987, Schluter developed Schluter-Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane to meet the quickly growing need for a bonded waterproofing solution.

From this original Kerdi waterproofing product, the Schluter Shower System evolved into a complete and seamlessly integrated system of preformed components including shower trays, benches, waterproofing corners, and both traditional and linear drains. With the Schluter Shower System, installation time is dramatically reduced and made easier than ever.

Whether it’s small, residential applications or large scale commercial jobs, Schluter products and Shower Systems give you uncompromising quality that customers across the world have come to expect and rely on for each job and installation.

Visit StoneTooling.com to shop Schluter online for the first time.

Laticrete Launches New PermaColor Select Grout

Laticrete has announced the newest addition to their comprehensive line of grout products, PermaColor Select, ready to launch on February 3, 2015. PermaColor Select sets itself apart from other traditional grouts with an innovative, two component design that features a highly engineered, neutral-colored grout “Base” with the industry’s first dispensable dye “Color Pack.” The highly pigmented Color Packs produce the most consistent and uniform colors on the cementitious grout market with the premier performance that you’ve come to expect from Laticrete.

permacolor_selectPermaColor Select can be used in both residential and commercial installations and provides optimum performance in interior and exterior applications. The 40 vibrant colors (plus 30 top colors from competitors) resist efflorescence, and with StoneTech Sealer Technology already implemented in the grout formula, no further sealing is required.

PermaColor Select is suitable for grout joints from 1/16″  to 1/2″ on both walls and floors and is reinforced with Kevlar for crack and shrink resistance. Additionally, PermaColor Select features GreenGuard certification for low VOC along with Anti-Microbial Protection, making it ideal for areas that need extra defense such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Using PermaColor Select is a simple and straightforward. The PermaColor Select Base is available in 12.5 lb and 25 lb bags and does not contain any premixed color or pigment. To add the color, use 1 PermaColor Select Color Pack per 12.5 lb bag of Base or 2 Color Packs per 25 lb bag of Base (each Color Kit contains 2 Color Packs). To mix, drop the dispersible Color Packs directly into a bucket of clean water and mix until the pigment is dispersed and the packet has dissolved (similar to how laundry or dishwater packets dissolve).

When the Color Pack is no longer visible, add the PermaColor Select Base and mix with a slow speed drill mixer for a minute. Allow the grout to slake for 5 minutes, and then mix for one additional minute. At this point, the grout is properly mixed and ready for installation.

The ingenuity of PermaColor Select is not only its top-of-the-line performance but also in the two component design that becomes an asset to a  contractor’s business. The advanced pigment technology of the Color Packs and strict manufacturing quality control virtually eliminates color variation between batches. Additionally, because the grout Base requires separate Color Packs and does not contain any pigment, leftover Base stock can be used job after job, reducing inventory and waste.

Join us in store on February 17, 2015 for a Laticrete New Product Training Seminar!

Pearl’s New Tuscan SeamClip Leveling System is Now Available

Tuscan SeamClip

Are you looking to level your tile installation without having to buy a removal tool or use multiple parts?

The new Tuscan SeamClip is a one-piece leveling system that requires no tools to install or remove.

Simply purchase the appropriate SeamClip for the thickness of the tile you’re working with, embed the bottom plate into the thinset between the tiles and close the wings until the snap into place.

You are left with a flush surface while the installation settles. Once everything has dried, you can knock the SeamClips off with a rubber mallet and proceed to grout.

The Tuscan SeamClips are not reuasable in any way but are inexpensive, and easy enough, for a do-it-yourselfer to use.

Leveling systems are great for large format tile and are a small investment for the ability to have a flat surface for years to come.

The Tuscan SeamClips are available in various quantities and tile thicknesses HERE.

Laticrete to Launch Hydro Ban Sheet Membrane and Board

Laticrete has announced that they would be launching 2 new products that align with their Hydro Ban category of pre waterproofed shower installation products.

Hydro Ban is an industry leader in liquid waterproofing membranes. Since the launch of the Hydro Ban Shower Pans, Benches and Niches, contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike have been able to save time and money with a complete shower installation.

The first new product is the Laticrete Hydro Ban Board:

Laticrete Hydro Ban Board

HYDRO BAN Board is made with a high-density polystyrene core and a reinforced, waterproof cementitious coating on both sides. Available in a variety of thicknesses from ¼” to 2” (6 mm to 50 mm) the HYDRO BAN Board can be used as a substrate for tile and stone on walls, ceilings or floors, as well as in many installations requiring dimensionally sound and stable substrates.

The other new product from Laticrete’s announcement is the Hydro Ban Sheet Membrane:

Laticrete Hydro Ban Sheet Membrane

HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane is ideal for use in interior applications including showers or tub surrounds, commercial and residential kitchens, backsplashes, walls and floors, and wet areas. Its consistent thickness and best-in-class perm rating of less than 0.5 perms also make it suitable for use as a vapor barrier and waterproofing membrane for steam room and steam shower installations over green mortar beds.

The new line of products will be available at launch at StoneTooling.com.

Buying Schluter Online May Void Your Warranty


Schluter is a great company that makes great products. The only drawback some customers may experience is that Schluter products may not always be available in certain areas.

Because of this, many customers like to take to the internet and order from an online retailer.

Typically, there is nothing wrong with that but Schluter has a strict policy that only allows distributors to service certain geographic locations. For instance, we have been a Schluter dealer for years. Since we are based in Southern California, we can only sell to customers in our local territory.

If we break that agreement, we may very well lose our ability to sell Schluter products.

What many online retailers are doing is skirting the rule by purchasing from a Schluter dealer and reselling it through their website.

This affects the customer because, according to Schluter policy, all Schluter products that are sold through on online auction site like eBay or through a company that is not recognized as a dealer or distributor, voids the warranty on the product.

If you are a contractor or home owner, you need to ask yourself “is buying it online more important that having a warranty on your shower?”

According to Schluter:

Our warranty requires proof of purchase. The purchase of our products from unauthorized distributor or non-recognized dealer voids the warranty. For a list of current dealers and distributors near you, or if you are unsure whether an internet reseller has been authorized, please call Customer Service at 1-800-472-4588 or make use of the Dealer Locator available on our website here.

Further, no warranty is available or offered on any Schluter product purchased on the internet from an unauthorized reseller or web-based auction. All warranties on such products are void by said sale.

Protect yourself and your customer and make sure you purchase from a reputable source.