About Us

Bonanza Trade and Supply Company of North Hollywood works with distributors of world renowned brands, such as, Alpha Professional, Akemi, Axson, Bellinzoni, Diamant D, Stone Weld, Stabila, Omni Cubed, Abaco Machinery, MK Diamond, Makita, Imer Machinery, Bosch, Metabo and Mad Max products.

Bonanza Trade & Supply has locations covering four industrial lots in North Hollywood, CA, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Within the past 10 years, Bonanza Trade and Supply has been broadening its product selection and researching competitive pricing for Diamond Tooling, Power Tools, Shop & Field Supplies, Stone Care Products and more, thereby offering consumers the best value in the market. In working to create a world-class shopping experience, its advanced software facilitates a constant replenishment of stock which provides customers with dependable, availability of products.


One Response

  1. I need a qoute on the 3m N95 1860 musks x 8 boxes of 20 units.


    Lwazi nqadala

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