Laticrete Strata_Heat Launch & Free Installation Workshop on 4/4/18 with Instagram Live Stream @StoneTooling

We are excited  to announce the launch a brand new product line from Laticrete. Introducing a revolutionary new radiant floor heating system- Laticrete Strata_Heat.

The Laticrete Strata_Heat system combines the properties of Laticrete Strata Mat Uncoupling Membrane with loose heat wires that allow for a fully customized wire layout that perfectly fits your room layout. The Strata_Heat System is also the only heating system on the market with a Smart WIFI Thermostat that allows for full control from your smart phone and an innovative Thermal Pack additive for the most energy efficient installation.

On February 28 and March 30, our North Hollywood showroom is hosting Laticrete for a tabletop presentation of the new Strata_Heat System from 6:30 am – 9:30 am. If you’re in the area or already headed to the store, this is perfect opportunity for a brief introduction to the Strata_Heat system. Our Laticrete rep will be onsite to answer any questions and help you become familiar with the system.

After the tabletop presentations, Laticrete will be presenting a free formal workshop on April 4, 2018 at our Bonanza showroom. This workshop will take place after hours and will be a full installation demonstration providing an opportunity for in depth installation techniques and guidelines. If you aren’t local to the area, we will be live streaming the workshop on Instagram @StoneTooling.

UPDATE: Did you miss out? If you weren’t able to attend the in-store workshop, you can still get all the first hand information from our Laticrete reps with our recorded video of the workshop. Check it out below:




Strata_Heat Mat

The Laticrete Strata_Heat Mat is uses the similar uncoupling technology found in the traditional Strata Mat underlayments but features a pegs for holding the heat wires. Unlike other floor heat systems currently on the market, Strata_Heat has the flexibility for heat wire placement in the 2, 3 or 4 peg position.

The Strata_Heat mat features Mortar Hydration Vents that allows for a superior bond between the mat and adhesive mortar and for a faster cure. The mat itself is translucent so the installer can easily identify if proper mortar coverage has been achieved without having to the lift that mat to verify. Like traditional Strata Mat, Strata_Heat provides anti-fracture and vapor management.





Smart Wifi Thermostat


The Laticrete Strata_Heat Thermostat is the only WiFi enabled thermostat that works with smart phones available on the market. With a simple-to-use smart phone app, the thermostat can optimize heat settings for maximum comfort and energy efficiency that  reduces utility costs. The thermostat is also capable of using GPS smartphone location services to learn heating routines and reduce energy costs by 25%. Featuring a user-friendly setup with intuitive interface, setup and operation are easy… the Strata_Heat Thermostat is even compatible with home automation hubs allowing for voice control temperature settings.


Thermal Pack


The Strata_Heat Thermal Pack is a one-of-a-kind thinset additive formulated specifically to work with Laticrete thinsets and the Strata_Heat System. This revolutionary additive utilizes Thermal Diffusion Technology for uniform heat distribution that results in increased efficiency and elimination of cold spots. Benefits of the Thermal Pack include increased thermal heat transfusion by 20% with quicker heat transfer from wires and energy cost savings by 15% by reducing number heating cycles to heat floors. Using the Thermal Pack quickly pays for itself with noticeable savings after a few months.


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