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Hydro-Blok Presents: Product Knowledge Tabletop Session

We are excited to start the New Year off right with a Product-Knowledge session presented by Hydro-Blok Shower Systems. Join us on 1.17.18 at our North Hollywood, CA showroom for this free Product Knowledge Tabletop Session.

Hydro-Blok Shower Systems features an innovative line of preformed shower components including shower pans, curbs, seats, niches, and the Ebbe Linear Drain that makes installing a shower easier and more convenient than ever before. Hydro-Blok representative, Rick Coury, will be on site to answer questions and explain the installation process.

Hydro-Block Shower System


Hydro-Blok Shower System

Traditional shower builds are time consuming installations that are best left to contractors or experienced DIY’ers. From start to finish, these types of shower installations often require 2 – 3 days before completion.  With Hydro Blok, a 3 x 3 shower can be installed in about 2-4 hours. This reduction in installation time directly translates to tremendous labor saving costs.

With pre-waterproofed surfaces and accessories for easy customization, the Hydro Blok Shower System is the perfect choice for a fast and simple shower installation in variety of applications from new construction and remodels in both commercial and residential applications to also being the ideal choice for RV’s, yachts, and cruise ships.


Hydro-Blok Shower System

Hydro-Blok Shower Pan

Hydro-Blok Shower Pans feature a environmentally friendly HCFC-free XPS foam core that is lightweight and waterproof. For added strength, fiberglass mesh covers the core and the surface is coated with modified-cement for a tile-ready substrate. The modified cement coating provides maximum adhesion of any tile, stone, or mosaics while the cement surface is also true and level for tile installations.

The Hydro Blok shower pans eliminate the need for a traditional sloping mortar bed or hot-mopping. The Single Slope Shower Pans are designed to accommodate linear drains while the Presloped Shower Pans feature a center drain with a solid brass drain assembly. The Presloped Shower Pans are available in a variety of sizes including:

  • 36″ x 48″
  • 36″ x 60″
  • 48″ x 48″
  • 48″ x 72″
  • 36″ x 72″ Offset

The Single Slope Shower Pans available sizes include:

  • 36″ x 60″
  • 48″ x 72″
  • 60″ x 36″
  • 72″ x 48″

If a pan isn’t quite the right size, it can be trimmed down with a circular saw for a custom fit. Additionally, shower pans be made larger with the Shower Pan Extension.

The Hydro-Blok Single Slope shower pans include 2″ Mesh Tape along with Straight and Corner Putty Knives.

The Hydro-Block Presloped Shower pan includes Solid Brass Drain Assembly, Solid Stainless Steel Drain Cover and Drain Tray, Plastic Drain Riser (can be trimmed to custom height), and 2″ Mesh Tape.

Shop Hydro-Blok Presloped Shower Pans

Shop Hydro-Blok Single Sloped Shower Pans


Hydro-Blok Niches & Benches

For a personalized shower installation, Hydro-Blok brings a complete line of water-proof and ready-to-tile shower niches and seats to their catalog of products. The shower niches are perfect for holding shampoo bottles and other shower items for an organized shower space. With a both a square 16″ x 16″ recessed niche and a 16″ x 28″ recessed niche with positional shelf, you’re sure to find the perfect niche for your shower installation.

Hydro-Blok shower seats add both an elegant and functional design feature to any shower. Like the shower pan, the seats are made from closed cell extruded polystyrene foam core which is 100% waterproof, lightweight, and designed to last. The Suspended 17″ x 17″ Medium Seat will add a modern and stylish finish to your shower.  All shower seats come with the necessary hardware and installation instructions for a perfect fit every time.


Ebbe INNI Linear Drain for Hydro-Blok

For a barrier free, luxurious, open-concept  shower, the Ebbe INNI 73.5″ Linear Drain compliments the Hydro-Blok Single Sloping Shower Pan to achieve your dream shower. The Ebbe INNI Linear Drain is designed specifically to incorporate into the Hydro-Blok Single Slope Shower Pans and can be used with any size tile. With no metal drain cover, the Ebbe INNI Linear Drain fits seamlessly into the shower design and allows for creative and unique tile work.

Unlike other linear drains that are a fixed size, the Ebbe INNI Linear Drain can be cut down in size to fit any shower space. Drain bodies can even be coupled together to create a larger shower. The Ebbe INNI Linear Drain is perfect for both residential and commercial applications.


Hydo-Blok Shower with Linear Drain

The versatility and design features of the Ebbe INNI Linear Drain along with the superior performance and ease-of-use of the Hydro-Blok Shower System makes Hydro-Blok a standout in the preformed shower systems market.

Stop by StoneTooling.com and shop Hydro-Blok for your next shower.


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