How To Cut Glass With Gemini Saws

We here at have put a lot of effort into making products available to the tile and stone contractor at very competitive prices. Over the past 2 years, we have seen an addition to our customer base…glass and mosaic artists.

Cutting glass is not always an easy task. Whether you are cutting glass tiles, pieces for mosaic art or bottles, it’s very easy to chip the glass during the cut which can be a spoiler for any project.

Gemini Saws have products at different price points that is sure to cater to any professional or hobbyist. From the Gemini Apollo Ring Saw to the Gemini Revolution XT, there is a glass cutting saw to fit your budget.

These saws are also capable of cutting tile and stone and can even cut curves for edges or mosaic projects.

Below is a video that will show just how east the Gemini Saw can cut through glass and alleviate the time wasted with manual scoring wheels or knives. our sales rep, Melvin, cuts right through a wine bottle with the greatest of ease.

What are you currently using to cut glass? We’d love to know!


2 Responses

  1. Olá, meu nome é José Luiz
    Moro no Brasil e fiquei muito interessado na Gemini Apollo Ring Saw.

    Gostaria de saber se vocês exportam seus produtos?

    Qual seria o preço?

    E também gostaria de saber se o que vêm na maquina da para cortar garrafas.

    Trabalho com reciclagem de garrafas e sua maquina ajudaria muito se servisse para isso.

    Agradeço a atenção de vocês.


    José Luiz

    • Hello, my name is Jose Luiz
      I live in Brazil and I was very interested in Gemini Apollo Ring Saw.

      I wonder if you export their products?

      What price?

      And also like to know if what come in the machine to cut bottles.

      Working with recycling bottles and your machine would help a lot if he served for it.

      I appreciate your attention.


      José Luiz

      ps; descupe my bad English

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