We Team Up With JohnBridge.com

For the professionals or do-it-yourselfers that have roamed the internet looking for stone care or installation advice, chances are you have come across JohnBridge.com. John Bridge has created a community full of helpful pros that know the industry and offer their help free of charge.

The forum at John Bridge is not like most forums on the internet…which is a good thing. The moderators require that users display their first names in their signature and the friendly environment is welcoming to even the most novice questions. You never run into that bitter guy that trolls the site looking for arguments or belittling those that may not know as much as a 20 year construction veteran.

JohnBridge.com is by far one of the best communities around and we urge our customers to spend time there whether you need advice or you want to give it. Be sure to click our link at the bottom of the page to support the folks that run the site and check out our section on the sponsor’s page.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Daniel.

    We at Tile Your World/John Bridge.com look forward to a long and productive relationship with you folks at StoneTooling.


  2. Hardware is the physical aspect of a personal computer.

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